Michigan Jetpack Rentals provided by Great Lakes Flyboard

Great Lakes Flyboard is the best choice for your Michigan Jetpack Rentals. We offer single or group pkgs. Price varies depending on how many different devices you would like to rent at one time, how many operators needed for your day, and location of your event. Prices range from $1000 to $2000 for one unit and one operator, and is based on travel to your preferred location. Multiple units and operators can be arranged for larger groups. Additional fees apply for addition units and operators. Call for details and for a custom quote.

Great Lakes Flyboard also provides:

JETPACK LESSONS – Great Lakes Flyboard is the best choice for your Michigan Jetpack Lessons. Jetpack lessons range anywhere from a jetpack novelist, to becoming a jetpack instructor. This starts with a minimum 4hr training session. At the end of your training you will have a certificate that certifies the level you have reached, by a certified instructor.   Its truly an adventure and an experience that will last a lifetime. Contact Great Lakes Flyboard today  for your Michigan Jetpack Lessons.

JETPACK SALES – We sponsor a wide variety of products. Starting with Flyboards, Hoverboards, Jetovators, and jetpacks. All support equip. needed to participate in the sport. Call for details.

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Michigan Jetpack Rentals